Sports Plus Adult League Rules



League Fees:

All League Fees must be paid in full before the start of the team’s first game. Deposits must be paid when registering your team and prior to the schedule being posted. No refunds will be given once the schedule for the current session has been posted. ­


All teams are required to submit a complete team roster prior to the start of week 2 of the regular season schedule. If a roster is not submitted prior to week 2 of the season, teams will still be allowed to play, however each game will result in an automatic forfeit until the roster has been submitted.

Uniforms: (New for 2022)

All players on a team shall wear matching uniforms or t-shirts identical in color. Jersey numbers are not required. An alternate jersey or t-shirt must be worn if teams playing are in the same color jersey or t-shirts. It is the responsibility of the away team to change jersey color.

Length of Games:

Games will consist of two (2) 20-minute halves; running time until the last two minutes of the 2nd half. The clock will start at the jump ball.


Time Outs:

Teams are permitted 3 timeouts per game. They can be used at any time during the game.


If teams are tied at the end of the regulation time. One overtime period lasting two minutes will be played. If the score is still tied after the first two-minute overtime, a second two-minute “golden goal” over time will be played. The first team that scores a point in the golden goal overtime will be declared the winner.


Mercy Rule:

If there is a 20 point or greater margin in score within the last two minutes of the game, the game will be stopped.



No jewelry is permitted to be worn during the game with the exception to flat wedding bands. Rings with diamonds or other stones are not permitted.


Unsportsmanlike Behavior and Fighting:

Player and Spectators are asked to remain calm.The use of profanity, vulgarity, taunting and the verbal abuse of players and or officials will not be tolerated. Any such incidents will be penalized with a technical foul. Any repeated conduct of this type will result in an immediate ejection of the player(s) or spectator(s) involved from the facility. Players and or spectators involved will be subject to disciplinary action. 

Fighting will not be tolerated. Anyone involved in a fight will be suspended a minimum of one game and or be banned from the league.  Any type of disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspensions and ejections will be at the sole discretion of Sports Plus.


Games will begin as scheduled. Teams can start and finish a game with 4 players. If a team does not have 4 players by the scheduled start time, the game clock will be started and the team will be down 10-0. If a team still does not have 4 players within 10 minutes after the game clock has been started, this team will forfeit the game. Any team that forfeits a game must pay a $100.00 forfeit penalty before their next scheduled game. Failure to pay this fee prior to the teams next scheduled game will result in removal from the league and a forfeiture of all league fees for the current session. All rescheduling conflicts and request must be made within 72 hours of the scheduled game time. Failure to make this request prior to this timeframe, the scheduled game will be a forfeit and team will be responsible for the forfeit fee.



All teams registered for the league are eligible for and will be entered in the end of season playoff brackets unless otherwise notified by the team they do not want to participate. Due to scheduling conflicts, playoffs may not be scheduled on the league’s usual night. 

Seeding for playoffs will be determined by overall team records. If teams have an identical record at the end of the season, the following tiebreaker rules will be applied.

Head to head

Point Differential (+/-)


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